Our Process

Step 1

Developing your Architectural Plans

We work with Professional Engineers to develop your dream home.
Use a plan we offer, modify it or let's start from scratch.
Bring a plan you love as inspiration as well.
We can't wait to learn about your vision. Bringing your dreams to reality!

Step 2

Land Development, We Do It!

Green Robin Homes works with professional engineers to prepare storm water management, oversee perc tests, helps insure the feasibility of your project. You purchase the land and we build your house on your land. We do it!

Step 3

Client Communication

Green Robin Homes provides you with a website to monitor the progress of your project. You will see photos, documents, selections, change orders and 3 times per week you'll receive a log of notes from your Green Team.

Step 4

Finding Land

We will work with you to help purchase and develop your land.
Our real estate team can help you set up a search and purchase the land.
We can work with your realtor as well!