My wife and I have lived in our home now for a year and a half, and could not be happier! Green Robin Homes did an amazing job with the house, and it's layout is perfect for sunlight entry. The way it was designed is so energy efficient, we rarely have to turn the lights on in the house during the day. This was the only house that checked off every item on our wish list: open concept, maximal sunlight, big windows, hardwood floors, central air. Thank you Green Robin Homes for building our dream house!

- Paul Kenny

Matt and I wanted to thank you for our new, energy efficient home. We are still settling in but loving everything about what this place is providing for us. Our home is truly one-of-a-kind (which is what we love most about it). Thank you for making our dream into a reality!

- Matt and Mariah B.

It is an excellent quality structure and was a pleasure to design. From cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, wall coverings and countertops coupled with a large selection of floor plans, we had a variety of choices in each category to truly make this home “ours”.
...foundations used by Green Robin Homes has withstood the test of time with our home - no leaks, cracks or any other structural problems. It has been a pleasure!

- Lori Reardon

Went to the house yesterday and the mudroom stairs are so cool! Robin is a genius!!
We are absolutely in love with the house ❤️

- s.t.