Systems Built Construction

Construction Trifecta

strength, precision & affordability

•FEMA cites Systems Built Homes as strongest. FEMA studied methods of construction and system’s built fared best against the extreme forces of Hurricane Andrew, a Category 4 storm, producing winds of 131-155 mph, and at the time was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

•System’s built homes are better built than site-built homes. Our homes have to withstand the stress of shipping and transportation, our homes contains 30% more building materials than a comparable site-built home. Also, drywall is not only screwed, but glued to the wall studs, and triple-headers are used over window openings and around stairwells.

•Our system minimizes the layers of contractors, putting most or all of the construction processes under the control of one company. Economy in purchasing materials and controlled labor affect our bottom line.